Interview with Kris Hattori about Pigeon Wings

Who is behind this idea and how you got into game development?

Ignacio Schiefelbein and myself (Kris Hattori) created Pigeon Wings. Ignacio had the core engine for Pigeon Wings created before asking me to come on board to help finish the project. Prior to this game we created the educational iOS game, Number Run, so it was a huge leap for us to make a mainstream game.

Explain the game in one sentence.

Pigeon Wings is the fastest and sharpest tilt controlled game on the App Store!

What made you excited about this idea?

Even at its earliest stages the game was silky smooth and the tilt control was a new and interesting direction for a game that relied on high precision.

How has this game changed from the original plan/vision/design?

Over time we gave the game more structure. Because it’s so difficult that meant creating short and memorable levels, breaking up the races with fight sequences, and creating an overarching story for the player to follow.

What was your biggest struggle while making this game?

Balancing the progression of the game’s difficulty, story and mechanics was extremely tough. We did a lot of tweaking to keep people interested through all 50 levels.

How long it took you to build it?

2 years

What did you hope for after you’ve released the game and what actually happened?

We just hoped that the game would be recognized for the amount of effort that was put into it and that more than 50 people would play it–luckily we were vindicated on both accounts. Pigeon Wings reviewed very well and rose to #2 in Arcade Games in the iTunes store.

What lessons you’ve learned for future projects from this game?

Don’t let marketing fall by the wayside. We feel very lucky to get featured by Apple!

What’s the biggest advice you have for people who want to work in game development?

Find people you can trust to collaborate with and do it!

Lastly, how video games influenced your life? How your life has changed with them?

Games were a huge part of both of our lives growing up and it’s definitely what keeps us creating them. Gaming has helped me to think critically about UI/UX in everything that I work on and interact with.

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